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H  I  N  D  S  I  G  H  T

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Elizabeth Hadden

q+A Session

Q: What’s your favorite style of design?
A: There are so many styles that I like, I’m a fairly eclectic person, but currently, I really love Modern Scandinavian design. I love the mix of lights and darks with natural materials.

Q: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
A: I would love to live in the UK or Ireland. Is it possible to be homesick for a place you’ve never been to?

Q: Who is one of your favorite designers & why?

A: I have a lot of favorites, but Charles and Ray Eames are towards the top of the list. They were revolutionary and seriously such a powerhouse couple! I really admire them and am amazed at what they were able to accomplish.

Q: What is something that should be outlawed in interior design?

A: Carpeted walls…

Q: What are you loving in life right now?

A: I love that I’m on the last page of this chapter in life. I’m grateful for how far I’ve come and for the memories I’ve made along the way. Life is great right now and I enjoy taking time, when I remember too, to soak it all in. 

I also love that during the pandemic I’ve made it a habit to go on a walk every day, I always see something new and I love that I’m seeing nature work her magic one day at a time.



nourish, a gas station cafe

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5 Level 10 Floor Plan.jpg

next hub, steelcase competition

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Modern scandinavian residence

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Refugee neighborhood

viatorem, a roman capsule hotel

opioid treatment